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Loss Avoidance

Protecting American businesses from loss in the age of fraud, ransomware & digital extortion


3-Dimensional Augmentation

Our early-warning infrastructure and ATMA-based platform use machine learning and big data analytics to collect, sort, and visualize risk-relevant information.

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Ransomware & Botnet Prevention

Broaden your view into the most prolific botnets and ransomware gangs. When it comes to top-tier botnets and ransomware syndicates, there is no one else who can deliver such accurate and timely alerts and insights. Andariel® offers convenient infrastructural overviews of the most complicated and sophisticated crimeware families. We have unmatched visibility into both ransomware/botnet liasons and the most prolific financially motivated, malware-focused botnets, which infect tens of thousands of new machines every month.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Alerts

Continuous Underground Monitoring

Dive into the underground ecosystem, and build customized monitoring and alerting capabilities to proactively mitigate threats to your business. Andariel® enables alert and search building for proactive identification of crimeware infections. Through our underground Scan algorithms, you can review thousands of illicit data points and billions of credentials to identify underground chatter, hidden underground auctions, and compromised information. With Andariel®, you can always be confident that you know the exact source, timing, and scale of potential or ongoing asset exposure.

Broadest Coverage of Dark Web Sources



Finished Intelligence

Subscribe to daily intelligence reporting to discover the current state of the cybercrime ecosystem. We identify and report on the most prolific breaches – such as the notorious FXMSP breach of antivirus companies – and provide contextual intelligence on threat actors who may attempt to steal your funds. Our SME team provides detailed, analytical comments on ransomware syndicates and malware developers. Moreover, you can always request additional intelligence exclusively customized for your needs – be it threat actor engagement, malware reverse engineering, or ransomware negotiations.

Continuous Threat Monitoring


To address these challenges, meet Andariel® – a threat prevention platform that preemptively and proactively spots threats and compromises from the cyber underground. Prolific botnets, ransomware syndicates, cyber extortionists, carders, advanced persistent threats, crimeware operators, COVID fraudsters – Andariel® ensures visibility into these threats before they harm you and your business.


Access to a convenient, custom-tailored, fully automated platform that provides e-mail monitoring and alerting for top-tier threats.


Access to visualizations and mapping of top-tier botnets and ransomware syndicates, for protection from breaches and ransomware attacks.


Subscription to daily, weekly, and monthly threat intel insights and RFIs, as well as professional intelligence solutions such as ransomware negotiations, threat actor engagements, and reverse engineering of malware.

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