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from Small Businesses to Fortune Enterprises

Cyberattacks now cost companies $200,000 on average. It is set to cost businesses $5.2 trillion worldwide within 5 years, according to Accenture. Such a figure could be absolutely devastating, especially in the middle of the pandemic. 60% of companies go out of business within 6 months of being victimized. Most often, a cyberattack against a business is preceded by data exposure, when credentials or other information circulate on the DarkWeb before being maliciously exploited. 

In order to prevent the loss of assets, capital, and reputation, AdvIntel offers affordable early-warning and monitoring solutions. By subscribing to the Andariel® platform, you receive access to a preset, fully customized alerting system that immediately reports if your information, sensitive corporate data, or financial assets are, or may be, exposed in the cybercriminal underground.

Mitigate risks before they materialize into an attack against your enterprise


for Cyber Breaches

Over the past year, we have been developing cyber liability avoidance services – tailored to serve every participant in the breach and cyber insurance ecosystem, a network that includes insurance carriers, law firms, breach- and post-breach consultants, incident response and forensics providers, risk assessment specialists, and cybersecurity training providers. By providing services to each participant in the ecosystem, AdvIntel  effectively increases the efficiency of the entire network.

For these customers, our platform will aggregate indicators of compromise (IOCs) for hundreds of entities on a weekly basis. This IOC intelligence comes from our unmatched visibility into the most sophisticated crimeware and credential-stealing malware, such as TrickBot and Emotet, as well as our visibility into over 10,000 unique DarkWeb sources and services.

By delivering timely alerts, we prevent breaches and eCrime, enabling our clients to avoid costly insurance liability payments. Moreover, our unmatched crimewave and Dark Web intelligence are also delivered to law firms that can notify victims, and mitigate and prevent litigation and regulatory losses.

Avoid costly insurance liability payments
Prevent ligitation & regulatory losses



for Healthcare, Finance, Education & Nonprofit Sectors

The rise of ransomware, data breaches, and COVID-related fraud schemes poses a radically new threat to the healthcare, financial, education, and nonprofit sectors: selective, targeted attacks, with average incidents costing over $700,000 USD, and high-end incidents costing millions.

For these clients, AdvIntel offers a platform subscription that delivers comprehensive, holistic threat management.


It includes ransomware and credential exposure monitoring to prevent digital extortion attacks; access to investigative tools, reverse engineering, and ransomware negotiation support; and a continuous stream of intelligence threat reporting and mitigation recommendations.

Prevent digital extortion attacks

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