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Message from CEO: AdvIntel 2022

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

‘From Bootlegger to Botlegger: Ransomware-Free from the Inside Out’—A Formal Invitation from AdvIntel

To Our Valued Customers and Associates!

AdvIntel would like to formally invite you to our hosted event on Friday, August 12, 2022!

It’s been a groundbreaking year for AdvIntel as a company: And as the threat landscape has continually grown more multi-layered, adaptive, and diverse in nature, so too have our collections.

We are extremely proud to hold the exclusive designation of being the sole company in the industry with full visibility into the mass infrastructure of the post-Conti ransomware network.

This wide scope ranges from the myriad of threat groups themselves (such as Silent Ransom, Roy/Zeon and Quantum), to the BazarCall campaign and its derivatives, to the precursory networks of IcedID/Anubis, Emotet, and Brute Ratel C4.

And these are only some of the ways in which we’ve rapidly grown this past year…

…Our customer base has grown rapidly, as well! We have experienced significant market growth by encompassing a much broader industry reach with Fortune 500 customers across more than 7 sectors (1), now providing our services to sectors such as law, healthcare, business services, cyber insurance, finance, manufacturing, and government, just to name a few—and utilizing our blooming engagements to do what we do best- continuing to promote a Ransomware-Free World for all.

Because of these significant milestones, we want to mark the occasion with an in-person gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada

to kick off the upcoming weekend. The location and date were chosen to capitalize on the proximity provided by the widely-attended Black Hat USA conference taking place from August 10-11.

The theme of the night is Adversary Risk- a term universal to accurate ransomware and extortion assessment in today’s threat ecosystem.

Adversary Risk is an understanding of the risk assessment model that assumes intelligence, forethought, and method on the part of a real-world adversarial threat—it’s also the name of AdvIntel’s state-of-the-art cyber risk platform, which was released earlier this year.

The information for the night can be found below, and the RSVP link can be found here. We encourage you to join us for a night of fun and festivity- in celebration of working towards a ransom-free world.

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