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Integrity in the Age of Blurring Lines: Government & Private Collaboration for Threat Disruption

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Last weeks were a landmark for national cybersecurity: two cities, New Orleans and Pensacola, Florida suffered massive targeted ransomware attacks. REvil and Maze ransomware criminal syndicates announced their commitment to steal and leak confidential government data while a connection was identified between cyber-espionage and crimeware groups and cooperation was discovered between North Korean and Eastern European cybercrime elites.

These revelations once again illustrate that the US adversaries (both state and non-state) operate in an interconnected threat ecosystem merging cyber, economic, financial, and information warfare. To combat challenges posed by this adversarial interconnectivity, a seamless cooperative security environment is required. Thanks to the support from our partners (for us at AdvIntel), this week was an opportunity to prove our commitment to national security and contribute to this holistic environment.

We have published our largest investigation working with Nine Mile Security Group. NMSG’s CEO Wayne D. Shrowder, (a member of the US Army National Guard) and his team surveyed the current security landscape, specifically as it relates to major US cities crippled by ransomware, the impact on their residents, and countermeasures being employed to ensure future cyber resilience. Together we observed defense-related breaches, ransomware attacks orchestrated by top-tier net intrusion experts and ransomware syndicates and investigated threats that these actors may pose to democratic institutions, political, social resilience, and the 2020 election process.

With Utah’s first minority statewide elected official - Attorney General Sean D. Reyes.

Thanks to the Ergo team, we had a unique opportunity to participate in the very formation of the new integral paradigm. The paradigm that connects defense, private, security, and financial industries to formulate cutting edge strategic solutions discussed at the Ergo’s Fourth annual Global Flashpoints Roundtable.

Our team met with law enforcement legends such as fierce justice reform advocate, statesman, and Utah’s first minority statewide elected official - Attorney General Sean D. Reyes. We engaged in the intellectual discourse on the most ethical and efficient ways of building a resilient justice system.

With the former NSA Gen. H. R. McMaster

Furthermore, commenting on subjects such as rogue regimes use of ransomware and cyber heists to by-pass sanctions with top NatSec thinkers, including the former National Security Advisor Gen. H. R. McMaster, AdvIntel presented a fresh cybersecurity view on the grand discussion of preserving and advancing US world leadership.

Finally, at the end of the week, we investigated major ransomware attacks against two US local governments, providing intelligence support and exclusive data to confront the actors behind these operations.

We are guided and inspired by an opportunity to work with the nation’s law enforcement and military contributing to their intellectual openness, sharing of ideas, and integrity. As adversaries combine their specialties to inflict maximum damage to both military and civilians in an environment where threat domains chaotically converge, we are committed to doing our best to support the national security integral approach of keeping the nation safe.

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