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AdvIntel Announces Release of Revolutionary "Adversary Risk" Platform

NEW YORK, May 11,, 2022 - AdvIntel is excited to announce the first and ultimate adversarial cyber threat assessment, management, and mitigation product: Adversary Risk (AR) - an innovative inside-out loss prevention tool that enables organizations to quickly identify cyber risk exposure levels and address them in a targeted manner!

Hone in on the top of the adversarial food chain

AR’s uniqueness is defined by using the “inside-out” adversarial perspective in which the risk matrix is based on factual data from within the adversarial ecosystem. This enables users to properly assess threats based on actual facts regarding exposure (coming from within the adversarial realm and not an abstract hypothesis) and to immediately address the specific compromise ensuring efficient prevention.

Prevention is the key competitive edge of AR. While designing the tool, we tailored it to address the cyber challenges which result in actual damages, losses, and threats to business conduct. Therefore, AR is focused not on scanning abstract vulnerabilities or random darknet chatter, but instead utilizes our visibility into top adversaries and the trackable indicators that these adversaries have the ability and/or motivation to conduct the attack against an organization or individual.

In other words, we are targeting the top of the cybercrime food chain, making AR a tool that will prevent attacks that can lead to the most damage: Ransomware, botnets, and APTs.

Fact-based risk matrix

Our main competitive advantage is the intelligence collection which constitutes the risk score. Unlike any other market product, to deliver accurate risk scoring, AR relies not on interpretive analysis but on factual collections within attack surfaces. This includes, first and foremost, the Ransomware Attack Surface with ultimate visibility into Conti, HIVE, LAPSUS$ & Babuk affiliates, DopplePaymer/Greif, AvosLocker, BlackCat, Diavol derivatives, BackByte, Karakurt, HelloKitty/FiveHands, and many others!

With an average attack delta lasting for 15 days, these groups bring massive business disruption lasting for weeks and distort the supply chains for third parties and customers. Moreover, they perfected the weaponization of massive legal and reputational risks associated with publishing stolen data. As such these groups are able to deliver the highest damages to an organization across the entire cybercrime domain. However, by turning these groups’ adversarial indicators and telemetry into a risk-score matrix AR enables to spot the attack on the stage 0 level - often before the first Cobalt Strike beacon is being dropped or the first network scan command is executed.

Always one step ahead of the adversary

Botnet Attack Surface is the second most important collection for the proactive risk framework. AR uses visibility into the botnets that serve as the ultimate delivery and instruction tool for elite groups turning the botnet risk score into a path of rapid intrusion remediation. By seeing hits for their organization in datasets of TrickBot, Anchor & Anchor DNS, Gozi ISFB, QBot, IcedID, Dridex, Bazar, and Cobalt Strike Ransomware Logs the AR user knows where and when to expect an intrusion and can react accordingly. By always being one step ahead of the adversary, the user can combine risk assessment, management, and prevention roles in one.

In addition to botnets, AR also includes Initial Attack Surfaces and adversarial datasets related to RDP, infrastructural, VPN, and software vulnerabilities and/or exposure which can be used to perform a successful intrusion into the customer environment as well as the Underground Communities Attack Surface - DarkWeb forums, communities, & service vendors with a focus on particular threat actors.

This ensures not only the depth but the width of our risk score matrix!

A first & ultimate adversary risk tool

However, AR is not limited to risk scoring - it goes the extra mile. With AR, identifying the initial precursor means finding a direct action to take it down. Whether through identifying specific attack vectors and actors or pinpointing an infection’s Patient Zero, AR puts the risk manager into the driver’s seat for a seamless plan to clean up infections. By looking at the threat from within, you will then be able to build the most effective mitigation strategy. Know the adversary’s next step in the attack— your own plan will be one step ahead.

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