AdvIntel’ageous - Company Destined for Opportunity of a Lifetime

By Vitali Kremez

It is with excitement and honor that we at AdvIntel are entering into the last month of Q4 2021. Our revolutionary botnet and breach monitoring product “Andariel” exceeded our most ambitious goals and surpassed our company’s growth projections by 8X (!).

Truly our ability to execute on our mission and firm belief in a ransomware-free world continues to allow us to grow our customer base especially within Global Fortune 500 organizations ranging from the healthcare, finance, and insurance sectors to energy and critical infrastructure sectors.

2021 was a special year for us. We launched a strategic alliance with AdvIntel/KPMG and performed a plethora of integrations allowing us to deliver our exclusive product to the most demanding customers.

When all is said and done, delivering a product rooted in true expertise, tradecraft, and a deep understanding of what provides our customers tangible value is of utmost importance. At AdvIntel, we pride ourselves in exemplifying this principle every day. This is because every AdvIntel win is a win for merit, grounded only in the concrete value of our product - value which can always be quantitatively calculated in actual losses prevented, attacks disrupted, and funds saved.

Sponsoring a private event at Black Hat USA 2021 provided us with the incomparable opportunity to share this vision with our customer in-person wider audience, reaching business and industry executives from both the private and public domains. Industry leaders were attracted by AdvIntel’s expertise-driven intelligence capabilities through our unmatched visibility into the botnet and breach telemetry and unique intelligence insights, enabling us to exceed even the bravest of expectations.

Founded in these capabilities is our core company vision of a truly ransomware-free world. This vision is strategically executed through three critical intelligence components of our product offering which are combined to guarantee successful preventive action taken before the attack even happens.

First is our advanced technical intelligence manifested in clear, consistent, and holistic visibility into all major infrastructures that enable ransomware gangs to initiate attacks. From top-tier botnets and malware loader networks to backdoors and adversarial sets of exposed endpoints, we cover any dark space from which a malicious action can originate.

Second is our unprecedented technical and human intelligence operations that enable us to investigate and identify the methods, tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures leveraged by the most advanced groups and offer exact countermeasures.

Finally, our automated early warning systems and upcoming advanced risk score models guarantee that decision-makers in both government and private sectors are properly notified regarding any threat of an incident, attack, or vulnerability.

We are beyond excited for our yet another breaking year of 2022 staying true to our values and thankful to our customers and partners!