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Healthcare Sector Ransomware Prevention: UNLOCKED

AdvIntel is proud to be a part of H-ISAC!


Community Services is a group of companies/organizations (a.k.a. Community Leaders) who embrace the H-ISAC mission and are prepared to make an investment for the betterment of the entire H-ISAC community. 

Intelligent Ransomware Disruption


AdvIntel Introduces RDPWNED Project

AdvIntel obtained complete visibility into UAS - a prolific cybercriminal marketplace specializing in hacked RDP access.


The dataset contains 1.3 million compromised RDP servers and associated credentials. The marketplace is tied to a number of high-profile breaches and ransomware cases across the globe. A number of ransomware groups are known to purchase initial access on UAS. This treasure trove of adversary-space data provides a lens into the cybercrime ecosystem, and confirm that low hanging fruit, such as poor passwords, and internet-exposed RDP remain one of the leading causes of breaches.

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AdvIntel Among Sponsors of NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit in Fort Lauderdale 2022

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AdvIntel supports the premier cyber insurance carriers with the ransomware prevention product "ANDARIEL" & is proud to be a part of the inaugural NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit Fort Lauderdale, January 31st & February 1st.


Hear from speakers in info-packed sessions and comprehensive discussions on the latest in cyber preparedness, claims and incident response.

The faculty of more than 50 thought leaders from cyber insurance, data security technology and data breach law come together in cross-functional panels to discuss a broad range of cyber-related topics, with a focus on claims, coverage challenges, loss control, security technology, and emerging risks in the cyber arena.


"We would like to thank our sponsors, without whom the Cyber Risk Summit would not exist".

AdvIntel's Unique Botnet & Breach Visibility Disrupts Cyber Attack

The joint action of AdvIntel, Gate15, and Real Estate ISAC successfully disrupted criminal network activities against a multi-billion organization.


As a result, imminent ransomware extortion, data exfiltration, and major business interruption losses were prevented. The efficiency of this prevention was determined by AdvIntel's unique botnet & breach visibility.

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