AdvIntel is excited to announce that our

Cyber Intel Academy is now accepting applications!

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This is a semester-long research & educational internship aimed at equipping exceptional candidates interested in beginning their career in cybersecurity and/or threat intelligence with:

  • top intel skills

  • first-hand industry experience

  • methodologies

  • techniques

  • ultimate understanding of contemporary cyberthreat ecosystem


This is a fully remote position


The program provides extensive training in the areas of intelligence analysis, threat assessment, risk intelligence, and cyber threat prevention. Within this framework, AdvIntel will provide educational coursework on the issues of:


  • data security

  • malware

  • ransomware

  • APT groups

  • attack vectors

  • vulnerabilities

  • network exploitation techniques

  • cyber resilience

  • ...and much more!


This framework seamlessly incorporates the practical training tasks aimed at familiarizing interns with the foundations and inner-working of today's intelligence community. Interns will be working directly with AdvIntel’s investigators, reviewing actual investigative cases, and learning from the material of actual incidents. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in an actual security environment and in-depth field investigations. Additionally, we encourage researchers to publish within our blog on subjects related to cybersecurity, governance, law, and finance.

Examples of Areas Covered Within Training Include:

Cyber Intel

  • Introduction to the intelligence cycle

  • Introduction to investigative planning and production

  • Finished intelligence production

  • HUMINT and OSINT techniques


  • Introduction to contemporary threat ecosystem

  • Malware/crimeware/botnet groups

  • Ransomware syndicates

  • Cyber fraud prevention

Career Building Training

  • Resume building workshops

  • Assistance with interview preparation


Research Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Conduct in-depth threat investigations of the subjects of ransomware, novel malware, cyber fraud schemes, crimeware, actor profiling, and adversarial attribution.

  • Support the Security team in producing commentary and contextual analysis for ongoing incidents, or emerging threats.

  • Monitor and review novel dynamics within the threat landscape by using OSINT techniques: i.e. perform media review and event tracking.

  • Perform data and statistical research analyzing large amounts of data on incidents, actors, IOCs, and attack metrics.

  • Assist in developing and improving risk score models and threat assessment metrics.


Core Requirements:

  • Degree in Journalism, International Relations, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or other related disciplines.

  • 1+ years of work or internship experience in the area of analysis, intel production, research writing, data analytics, or other related fields.

  • Proven knowledge of the standards and formats of today’s business reporting.

Additional Requirements:

  • Critical thinking with the ability to summarize analytical assessments in a convincing, intelligible, concise, and customer-oriented manner.

  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary style and formatting of business and financial reporting.

  • Attention to detail at the highest level and the ability to accept and apply constructive feedback are a must.

  • Interest in the current cybersecurity trends, mechanisms of attacks, TTPs, methodologies applied by threat actors, and tools of cyber defense is a plus.

Reviews from Our Summer Cohort

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Working for Advanced Intelligence this past summer was an invaluable experience. With realms of attack and defense increasingly shifting to the digital sphere, threat intelligence and the ability to anticipate digital threats are of the utmost importance. Working as a cyber threat intelligence intern allowed me to gain an understanding of the current threat climate while also making a tangible impact in such a critical area through daily threat reporting.”

We Stand for Our Communities

As former refugees, we started AdvIntel as a community-oriented security company. AdvIntel's monitoring and intelligence initiatives are inextricably connected to the protection of communities. We have provided immediate ransomware remediation, as well as free intelligence to prevent breaches and extortion aimed at education and religious institutions, US Native Tribes authorities, hospitals, and NGOs. Amidst COVID-19, we have established a free alerting and intelligence sharing initiative to inform US healthcare agencies of any ongoing or potential cyber activity which may impact their efforts in fighting the pandemic.


AdvIntel is proud to be an equal opportunity employer committed to considering all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. 


Please send your resume and a cover letter to 


In your cover letter, please elaborate on how your previous academic and work experience have equipped you with skills in producing business intelligence and threat analysis.