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There are currently no open positions available.

Colleagues Working Together

Why AdvIntel

Joining Advintel will provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a hands-on security environment. You will develop extensive knowledge, skills, and in-depth field experience in the area of cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, and fraud investigations.

Contribute to the Public Good

Help us protect our communities during the global pandemic. Our Early Warning project is devoted to notifying healthcare customers and providing free notification support to educational institutions, churches, religious communities, Tribal Authorities, hospitals, and nonprofits.

Public Facing Research

Build your public profile with us – we always give credit to our analysts. Your name will be listed with your research, and we always make sure to promote our analysts’ findings.

Master the Intelligence Cycle

Master the full intelligence cycle, from collection and analysis to production and dissemination of finished intelligence reports.


Extensive Training

Receive extensive training on the current cyber threat ecosystem. Learn about malware groups, ransomware syndicates, and the most sophisticated cyber fraud schemes.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to

In your cover letter please elaborate on how your previous academic and work experience have equipped you with skills in producing business intelligence and threat analysis.

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