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Welcome to the new era of cyber risk prevention, brought to you by AdvIntel’s Adversary Risk® platform: the only adversary-intel-based tool for cyber risk analysis, management, & remediation!

AdvIntel is proud to introduce our most recent and most advanced product:

Adversary Risk (AR) is an innovative platform that offers your organization the most holistic, accurate, and comprehensive cyber risk matrix available.

Inside - Out Approach

What makes AR unique? First and foremost, our risk score matrix is the only one based on an “inside-out” adversarial perspective. We review the cybercriminal ecosystem from within to discover if your organization is on the radar of top ransomware and hacker adversaries. No more risk scores calculated via obscure methodologies, sporadic darknet chatter, or external vulnerability checks— the number that the AR matrix gives you reflects one important question:

Will you be a subject of a cyberattack?

Spot The Attack Before It Happens

Precursory knowledge is the cornerstone of true, fact-based risk management. AR offers an insider’s vantage point based on real-world botnet & breach telemetry. Each cyberattack starts with a root event: be it a port scanned for a CVE, an unprotected endpoint, or a set of exposed credentials, cybercriminals have to start somewhere. This is where AR intercepts. Whether it’s your IP on the botnet infection list, your RDP credentials obtained by an access broker, or your domains listed in the ransomware endpoint hunt list— all of these precursors are tracked via our

Exclusive adversarial visibility.

Fact - Based Risk Management vs Theoretical Risk Assessment

When you run AR’s risk score algorithm, you are not given an abstract number. Instead, you are offered the most comprehensive fact-based adversarial collection based on true botnet and breach telemetry, allowing you to accurately predict and assess the true threat level.

However, AR is not limited to risk scoring - it goes the extra mile. With AR, identifying the initial precursor means finding a direct action to take it down. Whether through identifying specific attack vectors and actors or pinpointing an infection’s Patient Zero, AR puts the risk manager into the driver’s seat for a seamless plan to clean up infections. By looking at the threat from within, you will then be able to build the most effective mitigation strategy. Know the adversary’s next step in the attack:

Your own plan will be one step ahead.

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